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Supported Product

Prez is an open source, data-configurable, Linked Data API framework that delivers profiles of Knowledge Graph data according to the Content Negotiation by Profile standard.

We use Prez to deliver thematic views of data stored in Knowledge Graphs, for example, for the Geological Survey of Queensland, we support an instance of Prez configured to deliver business and scientific vocabularies, that is controlled lists of terms available in human- and machine-readable form.

Case Study

Prez for the Geological Survey of Queensland

This is an how we deploy Prez for organisations.

We deployed Prez for GSQ in 2019 to present a small number of scientific vocabularies that they were developing, such as Sample Preparation Methods.

Finding Prez easy to use, GSQ then characterised some business vocabs, such as Transaction Status and presented then via Prez too.

GSQ continues to use Prez (see all their vocabs) and are currently establishing a reference spatial dataset - the Geological Features of Queensland which they will soon deliver as spatial data via Prez also.

For GSQ, Prez is easy to use, long-term reliable, and easily expandable for more classes of data.

We provide these services for Prez:


  • shared instance

    • coming soon - April 2023!

    • we will host a single KurrawongAI Prez instance available for use when you only have a few vocabularies

  • hosted instance

    • we can host and manage a Prez instance for you

  • deployed instance

    • if you want your own instance

    • on-prem, in the cloud (Azure, AWS, OpenStack)


For any of the above modes:

  • theming

    • Prez is designed to be re-branded to match your organisation’s needs and we can do that

    • see some branded instances: OGC, GSSA

  • configuration

    • we can create custom profiles of data you deliver via Prez

    • we can also create RESTful endpoints for stored queries

  • data creation

    • we can build data for your Prez instances from non-KG data

    • for example, Excel files into vocabularies, File GeoDatabases into spatial Knowledge Graph data

  • operations

    • for deployed instances, we can work with your staff to ensure it’s running nicely

  • training

    • we can train your staff to operate Prez

    • including the creation of your own data, custom profiles in Prez etc.

  • interoperability

    • we can make your existing, or new, external systems work with Prez

    • Prez has a couple of standard APIs and we can work with those but it can also have new APIs and endpoints added

  • extension

    • we wrote most of the Prez code so can extend it if needed!

Please contact us for Prez support!