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Product Range

KurrawongAI provides Knowledge Graph solutions architecture consulting and supports a range of products related to this, some of which are free open source software, some of which we have developed ourselves. We also recommend other parties’ commercial products when they meet client needs: we are not tied to any particular products!

Products that we know and promote the use of are:

  • various RDF graph databases

    • Fuseki, RDF4J, GraphDB, RDFLib stores

  • RDF manipluation tools

    • Jena, RDFLib

  • related tools

    • PostgresDB, ArcGIS Pro, PowerBI, QGIS, PANDAS, Jupyter Notebooks

Supported Products

We commercially support a range of Knowledge Graph-related products: mostly Free and Open Source RDF databases, tools.

The pruducts we currently support - ours and others - are listed on our Supported Products page.

See out Services Page for details of support plans.

Our own products

We is in a product building phase at the start of 2023 and is currently preparing one product for imminent release and working on alpha testing of another:

Prez v3

Prez, at v2, is an existing, open source, API tool. Prez presents slices of Knowledge Graphs according defined profiles and implements the W3C protocol Content Negotiation by Profile (ConnegP).

Prez is commonly used to deliver SKOS vocabularies online and GeoSPARQL spatial semantic data.

Existing production instances are:

Prez v3 is the next generation of the Prez tool which is still open source but with many enhancements:

  • separate API and UI

  • increased performance

  • data-configurable profiles

Prez v3 is being developed by KurrawongAI and also collaborators, in particular, the Indigenous Data Network who will be using Prez v3 to provide ongoing access to their complex Knowledge Graph (see our Projects Page for more info).


KurrawongAI offers commercial support for Prez v3. See our Prez Supported Product Page.


Prez v3 installations are costed based on the effort required for system establishment and, optionally, data creation. Typically, this involves


Olis is a graph management application. Its job is to help administrators of Knowledge Graphs manage them as a number of parts that can be remixes for different content access by different users.

Olis - "Silo", reversed! - as the idea with Olis is that you have the opposite of a Data Silo: well-managed Knowledge Graphs provide the most accessible form of data: it is system-independent and well-defined.

KurrawongAI will offer commercial support for Olis system establishment and maintenance after the first production deployment which is expected in April 2023. See our Services Page.